Any graduate student at Illinois can earn 1 credit hour each semester by signing up for one of the following courses:
  • CS 591 CAP
    (Spring 2024 CRN: 48788)
  • ECE 590 CAP
    (Spring 2024 CRN: 34012)
At a Glance

Saugata Ghose
Tuesdays, 4 PM – 5 PM
2405 Siebel Center for Computer Science


CS 591 CAP and ECE 590 CAP are graded S/U. As a 591/590 CAP student, in order to receive a satisfactory grade, you must do each of the following:

1. Lead One Presentation

You will be expected to make the equivalent of one presentation this semester. This can be any of the following:

  • Co-leading a paper discussion
  • Practicing a presentation for an upcoming conference
  • Presenting your current and/or early-stage research
  • Participating in at least two 10-minute open-mic sessions

For most presentations, you can pair up with a second CS 591 CAP or ECE 590 CAP student. However, please discuss this with Saugata first.

2. Attend Regularly

I expect regular attendance, but I do not expect perfect attendance. If you are busy and can't attend due to an allowed conflict (e.g., conference, interview), simply drop me an email explaining why, and you'll be excused. I will penalize you if you have too many unexcused (i.e., >2) absences, so it's always in your best interests to let me know. You are expected to attend in person to get credit, unless you have made prior arrangements with me.

3. Participate in Discussions

Let's face it - silence sucks for you, for your peers, and for me. I'd like you to be active participants during the seminar. This means paying attention, voicing your opinions during paper discussions, and asking questions during presentations. You don't need to say something at each session, but I expect you to be active in a majority of the sessions.

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