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Guest Speaker

Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Tze Meng Low (CMU)
2405 Siebel Center for Comp Sci and on Zoom

The Compilers, Architecture, and Parallel Computing (CAP) Seminar is geared toward anyone affiliated with the University of Illinois to discuss research in these three (and tangential) areas. We meet once a week and critique papers, practice presentations, and discuss ideas.

Please email the CAP Seminar organizers if you have any questions.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Please email the organizers if you want to present in the seminar.
Date Type Speaker Paper/Topic
January 16 Practice Presentation Nathaniel Bleier Sub-cent Processors, Earable Computers, and Space Microdatacenters: Novel Computer Systems for Truly Ubiquitous Computing
January 23 Logistics Saugata Ghose Spring Kickoff
January 30 Practice Presentation Neil Zhao Modern Clouds: Side-Channel Attacks and Defenses
February 6 Practice Presentation Jacob Laurel Automated Analyses for Continuous Computations
February 13 Paper Presentation Jack Wang Mallacc: Accelerating Memory Allocation (ASPLOS 2017)
February 20 Open Mic Nicholas Satchanov A Brief View into Chiplets
Open Mic Mike Montano Generalizing Tensor Processing Units
February 27 Presentation Yuting Wang Deep Learning and Parallel Computing
Presentation Qiaobo Li NVIDIA Converged Accelerators
March 5 No Seminar
March 12 No Seminar
March 19 Guest Speaker Tze Meng Low (CMU)
March 26 Paper Presentation Ryan Wong and Bakshree Mishra Race Logic: A Hardware Acceleration for Dynamic Programming Algorithms (ISCA 2014)
April 2 Presentation Haoyang Zhang Survey: GPU Memory Optimizations for Large Model Training
Presentation Bobby Zhou GPU Memory
April 9 Open Mic Nicholas Satchanov
Open Mic Mike Montano
Open Mic Qiaobo Li
April 16 Paper Presentation Anish Meka and Pavlo Pastaryev Every Walk's a Hit: Making Page Walks Single-Access Cache Hits (ASPLOS 2022)
April 23 Presentation Vir Narula
Presentation Tianyi Liu Pianist: Scalable ZK-Rollups via Fully Distributed Zero-Knowledge Proofs (S&P 2024)
April 30 Paper Presentation Nikoleta Iliakopoulou Simba: Scaling Deep-Learning Inference with Multi-Chip-Module-Based Architecture (MICRO 2019)

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